Not so Super-Hero Bio

"Hold on... My Common Sense is Tingling" - DP


Home Town: Cleveland Ohio

Super Powers: Super-Natural Cognative early warning system he calls his “Common-Sense.” Racial Ambiguity. Urban to SUB-Urban articulation. Hyper activity.

Favorite things to do: Write Poetry, Blogs/Articles, Watch Movies, watch/read people, listen to good music, gaming, other random nerdery, Photography (former)

What Pays the bills?: Sales

Also Known As: Wordz The Poet, Wordz Spoken, “Mulatto Creed, Pride of the Mulatto spirit”

Formerly Known As: Abyss The Wordsmith, HyJynX

Other Favorites: “There are lots of things that I enjoy that only a nerd could love, like the movie ‘Scott Pilgrim vs. The World’ right now it’s my favorite movie, I love retro video games and the sound tracks… you know Nerd stuff, I’m what you might call an’Urban-Nerd’ of sorts”

More of a good thing




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