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February 25, 2012


“Ask a Lawyer, Dr, Vet, Mechanic, etc a Question, Get an Answer ASAP.”

This is a site where you can ask qualified professionals of various fields for answers to questions no matter how large or small. I’ve personally used “Just answer” a number of times and it’s been amazing!

How it Works

its crazy easy… Log on to the main page…

You’ll see something like this…

Make sure you select your category by clicking “More categories”

yeah… it’s like that…

The next page is optional however I recommend adding as much detail as possible….

the next step is what most people get afraid of HOWEVER I’ll tell you whats AMAZING about it…

The price you pay depends on a few things like the urgency/detail/TYPE of question your asking however it’s been worth it each time for me; I’ve never paid more than 50 on this site and EACH TIME I’ve used it I’ve ended up getting over 400 dollars as a result of the advise I’ve gotten here. (This most resent time I expect 1450.00 and it only cost me 50… money well spent.)

EVEN BETTER!! you can select your professional and see how they stack up!


After you submit your question and what not they contact you within a few minutes. You can receive Text Message, Email, OR on site direct answer from them.


we all know that sometimes an answer needs more parts… you don’t have to pay untill you are FULLY satisfied with your answer! So if they answer and you have more questions as to what you can do or next steps etc, there is a box to continue asking… OR a chat that you can be put in with the expert, (this way you are completely satisfied AND you don’t have to keep paying for additional questions under the same issue.) Oh, did I mention if you aren’t satisfied you don’t pay a DIME?

They even have a subscription service now… epic!

Why it’s cool?

How many of you can afford to have a lawyer on retainer? better yet how many of you KNOW how much it costs on average to HAVE one on retainer? (the AVERAGE is 150-350 PER HOUR!!) Plus we all have friends that SAY they are amazing with computers or are great mechanics but then mysteriously when you need things done your schedules seem to conflict. Or maybe you have a personal issue that you need quick advise on fast! No matter what your direct and SPECIFIC issue is you can go on Just Answer and POW no matter WHAT time of day or night you have an answer usually within 2 minutes!!

“But Wordz, I can just use Google, right?”

let’s just be honest, these days Google is a great way to search for information a GREAT way, However with the various “wiki’s,” Blog sites, message boards, advertisements, and just plain opinionated GARBAGE on the internet it can take you HOURS to find correct, concise, and specific information on whatever serious question(s) you have.

Now if you just want to know basic info like “how often do I need to feed my puppy” SURE go ahead and use a search engine, JustAnswer is probably NOT the best idea for something like that. Legal matters, Health stuff basically any other major issue however I HIGHLY recommend using this site.

 No… I am NOT a representative of their company but I AM a client ha-ha!


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