YouCoon Chronicles: “Kids say the Darndest things”

January 26, 2012

This CAN'T be real life, Thoughts

I know that you all can’t see me right now… but know that after you see what I’m about to show you that I’m not exaggerating when I say I am very upset plus considering ever bringing kids into this world….

I’m in pain people… well no point in putting this off any longer…

oh wait… what about THIS

I just don’t understand… what part of all this is Cute or Acceptable on ANY level??

Let’s say I wanted to raise my child to be some sort of thug (which I never would,) and I have him or her out there talk in smack hitting people’s cameras etc. what happens when an adult that doesn’t give 2 damns about you or your child comes across this big mouth? Oh wait… that’s right, chances are they’ll be dead.

Now I get it, product of environment and these kids aren’t the first that came up like that or worse… however putting your dirty laundry on the world’s stage is NOT the answer… ugh… you know what.. im not saying anything else about this…

I hate everything…..


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