YouCoon Chronicles part 1: “Riskay”

why lord… why… and on what planet is this NOT ignorant?

Look… I get it… no one likes to be cheated on, no one likes to be lied to… I understand, I DO!

My thing is, when she was making this song, at anytime did someone tell her that other than as a “comedic parody of R&B” it might just be something that everyone makes fun of because of how GOD DAMN RATCHET IT IS??

Furthermore let’s be real, if you are at the point with your significant other where you think he/she is cheating… YOU DONT TRUST EACH OTHER AND SHOULDN’T BE TOGETHER!!

PLUS! This is a pretty terrible test method… why you ask?

well because ANY man with sence will tell you that while soap and water will leave you smelling too fresh… simply washing with hot water and a wash cloth (in some cases) takes care of it… (that’s a freebie for you fellas.)

plus smelling a mans junk tho? freal?

I hate everything…


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