“Childish Gambino”

January 14, 2012

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Donald Glover, Also known as “Childish Gambino” is an African-American Actor/Comedian/Rapper he also writes and produces. The unusual thing about Donald is… He’s actually VERY good at all three. His recent stand up is pretty damn funny, and He’s had lots of major and minor roles on Popular television shows. He is mostly recognized for his work on the NBC Comedy “Community” as dumb former jock “Troy Barnes”


So, Let me get a couple of obvious things out-of-the-way for the nay sayers

I actually like Drake, but I had too...

1. Wu-Tang Gambino?: Yes the rumors (if you’ve heard them) are true, Donald got his rap name from  “The Wu-Tang Name Generator”

2. Drake vs. Gambino: Yes, we all realize that vocally he does sound a bit like Drake when he raps. (YES, we also realize they were both ALSO actors) The crazy thing is unlike drake, that’s how he sounds when he talks! Not only that but Gambino’s approach is different from drakes, a large portion of his music uses real instruments, unlike Drake he doesn’t sing (as much.) (I need to ALSO add that the “singing” Drake does is more harmonising then singing Gambino actually has the ability to sing.)

“I don’t Talk soft… That’s that OTHER guy… I’m Screamin ‘WHAT THE F*CK IS UP!?’ Like I don’t See the Sky!”

3. Childish-Bangladesh: It would appear he is QUITE fond of what we like to call the “A milli” Drum pattern when he produces, I’m not complaining… he sounds great over it! I didn’t want to believe that lots of his “singles” and “freestyles” had the familiar drum pattern untill a friend pointed it out to me… and then proceeded to send me link… after link… after link… after LINK of it and then ended it with an A-Milli Freestyle. oh well… I don’t care he’s a Beast!

Well rounded artist FUNNY comedian and great actor, one of my favorites now, Childish is definitely worth checking out. In fact as my conclusion I recommend watching this video to his song “Bonfire.” The Video Shows off his talents as an actor as he deals with a range of emotions yet the song itself has NO RELATION to the video yet shows off his wordplay… check it out!

“These Rappers are afraid of him, Cause I’m a Beast B*tch… GRR… Invader Zim” Indeed!

I could go on but I would rather let his work speak for itself, go check him out!

More of Donald “Childish Gambino” Glover

I am Donald.com



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