January 13, 2012

This CAN'T be real life

There are SO MANY THINGS WRONG with this!

V Nasty is a “Young Lady” from the Bay area famous for her association with “Kreayshawn” and her usage of the word “Nigga” as you see above.

Call it a double standard if you will, but I do NOT approve of anyone caucasian using the N-Word… EVER! It’s bad enough that WE use it!!

that’s it… Nuff said about that. (Yes, I’m aware that she is suppose to be “Mixed”)

She’s extremly unladylike

Now look people I’m not dumb or naive enough to think that women in todays rap game can just be lady like without having some extreme gimmick… all of that pretty much ended with Queen Latifah

God Bless Queen Latifah… Seriously

(exept for Jean Grae but that’s another story for another day.) Maybe I’m just old-fashioned, but I feel like there is more to being a young lady then having a Vagina. Which even THEN is trumped by the fact that your name eludes to the fact that said vagina is in fact “Nasty.” So we can just throw THAT right out of the window… then there’s that usage of the N-Word…

All of this pales in comparison to how I feel about her particular “Skill set” or “school/class” of rap.

To me, Rap is like a sport, every player has a position and you can’t compare the best QB to the best Kicker… They do DIFFERENT JOBS! That being taken into consideration. I’ve heard WORSE rappers before (not by much but I have,) and her particular “Class” of rapper is already terrible. Couple that with her voice then content (or lack thereof) and it’s the perfect nightmare…

I’m not even going to go into the reverse assimilation of stereotypical behavior here… 

ugh I’m done with this article… I hate everything!


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