“The Boondocks”

January 13, 2012

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Created by Aaron Mcgruder in I believe 96 and went from a college newspaper up to a controversial award-winning cartoon. The Boondocks satirizes black culture and Politics often attracting heat and negative press, however teaching us important lessons through laughter in the mean time. I must add that when The Boondocks makes an example of someone… it’s about as subtile as a brick

No matter HOW crude the delivery is...

The show is largely hilarious and the fact that it makes fun of people by throwing it in their faces is applaudable it really is…

The Show Focuses on Huey Riley and GranDad Freeman, a Family that just moved to “wood crest” a upperclass white-collar community… Hilarity ensues.

There is SO MUCH i can say about this show and why I love it but I’ll go on to say the show acquired a HUGE following as well as inspired a wide variety of hip hop artists actors writers and comedians to collaborate. In fact the show spawned we’ll say 4 Mixtapes…

all VERY good Music I must say (although three wasn’t my favorite.) all three are available for free download (or at least they were) at Boondocksbootleg.com I know the first and third are available at DatPiff.com (just search Hip hop docKtrine.) I haven’t heard this nice of a collection of hip-hop since that OOOOOOOLLLLLDDDD “Ecko Unltd Underground Airplay Mix Tape”

My love for this show runs deep, I could talk about it and the characters, stories lessons for a LONG time… all I have to say is Aaron McGruder thank you and if you’ve NEVER seen the show… give it a shot!

The Boondocks on [Adult Swim]

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