What is “Coonery?”

January 12, 2012


For the sake of this website… I must DEFINE coonery for you fine people so that when I talk about it… you can understand.

I usually don’t believe in “UrbanDictionary.com” however in THIS case it IS pretty damn accurate


Antics and behavior displayed by certain underclass individuals in the Black culture, the end result being the embarrassment of the rest of the upstanding Black community. 
behavior that is seen as unbecoming of African-Americans.
Acting in such a manner as to perpetuate black stereotypes in society

It may seem like a pretty harsh term however its one of the only ways to put it and all of us see it EVERY damn day! Coonery is one of my largest pet peeves because it is quite embarrassing to the rest of upstanding black people out here doing better things with our lives. I’ll post examples of coonery at a later date.

Stay Cooned…

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