The Devil Inside: Review pt 2

January 11, 2012


For the people who just HAVE to know WHY the movie sucked I’ll try to make this as quick as possible for you.

1. The movie is advertised as a regular horror movie about demonic possession

The movie IN FACT is shot documentary style… when you expect a movie to be documentary style the movie is a lot more tollerable, you know what youre getting yourself into. That was like your parents telling you you were going to McDonalds as a child and when you get there they order themselves a meal and get you an orange juice or a Milk… yep… that bad

2. The movie was VERY slow at getting to anythign that an intelligent person would consider “Scarey”

Look Director William Brent Bell… Women screaming isnt Jarring… isn’t terrifying… isn’t disturbing… it’s just Goddamn ANNOYING! take out the random screams and afew other cheap shots and you have only ONE bad-ass scene in the movie.

3. Sh*tty cliff hanger….

the movie ends in a car accident… car crashes… flips around… then stops moving… cameras still rolling… car stops moving… screen goes black and says some dumb sh*t like

“the mystery was never solved” (followed by)

“” (or whatever the site was)

Movie Blows Go see Sherlock Holmes

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