Amazing Entertainers: “Whoopi Goldberg”

January 3, 2012

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Whoopi Goldberg aka My favorite Black Actress of all time…

Born in New York “Caryn Elaine Johnson” she chose her stage name “Whoopi” from a “Whoopee” cushion because in her early life she was known to be “very gassy” and “Goldberg” because one of her parents told her “Johnson” wasn’t “Jewish Enough” to make it in Hollywood…

either way she made it!

I mean… What can I say about Whoopi that her Grammy, Two Emmys, two Golden Globes, and Tony DON’T say about her?

In fact Since the 1960’s there are only 13 people who have gotten all four awards.. as a matter of fact if you count James Earl Jones she is one of TWO… thats 50% yall… HALF… of the ONLY Black People on that list… that is HUGE… not even the “Sacred Oprah” has done THAT! (I really wish I could find a pic of Whoopi doing a Kanye shrug.)

She is far mor talented and has played a far wider range of roles thatn most people will ever realise…

Lots of yall whipper snappers know her for lots of her stuff on the view or maybe you remember your parents or uncles and aunts watching “that Ghost movie” where whoopi was a much kinder gentiler family friendly person. The truth is she isn’t that much different then Eddie Murphey… very family friendly now… but in the past has played a WIDE range of roles!

from this...

... To This

or this...

...To This...

Now I want to say two things, 1. NOTHING is wr0ng with going from one thing to another, I’ll never knock any one for that especially when you’re moving in a positive direction. and 2. Whoopit started OUT doing lots of positive things and did some hilarity in between so its not like she did the Chris Tucker or anything…

thanks for setting us back with this one Chris......

ohhh don’t make that face reader… I like Chris Tucker also…

Among some of my favorite Whoopi movies are Made in America, The AssociateJumpin Jack Flash (available on netflix), Eddie (also now on netflix), Corrina CorrinaSarafina, Burglar, Theodore Rex (which I must say is a Terrible TERRIBLE movie but I’m a Whoopi fan so I liked it,) Both Sister Acts, Homer and Eddie (I cried watching that movie if I’m not mistaken) and there is a Movie that is JUST like Eddie that she was in that I really enjoyed but I can’t remember the title. SHE WAS THE SPIRIT OF THE EARTH FOR GODS SAKE! How much more AMAZING could she be? Is there nothing she cannot do??

Heck in THIS movie she was a Caucasian man... yup...

Whoopi as a child is said to have became a Start Trek fan because she saw Ohura and was impressed that she wasn’t a maid… later on she became a reoccuring character on “The Next Generation” as a Charcter known as “Guinan.”


Whoopi has pretty much done it all and I’m so glad that I have been around to witness it!

in conclusion…

Whoopi has more talent in her pinky toe… no… WHOOPI GOLDBERGS PINKY TOE has accomplished more walking her dog in the morning then most of the black actors and comedians etc. today… the ONLY person I can see that has the talent and motivation to do even half of what she did… is Donald Glover, but I wrote that article alrdeady.

If whoopi EVER reads this… thank you for entertaining me my entire life you have this poets eternal gratitude!

Make some Whoopi

Her Facebook (I think)


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